This page lists most of the mirrors hosted at the Namibia University of Science and Technology, by type. The total size of the mirror is 45 Tb as at 11 November 2015.
Local copies of websites or "mirrors" are located on servers in the data centre of the Department of Information and Communications Technology.
This service is offered primarily for staff and students of the university but all internet users in general are welcome to make use of this service.
Because Namibia is plagued by extremely high internet access costs, the availability of mirrors located at Namibian higher education institutions is a service of national interest.  

- Software:

Applications for all users User-Friendly software. No particular IT knowledge required
 FreeStuff Diverse free applications for PC.
  LibreOffice The free Office alternative
 Mozilla Mozilla is the home of Firefox and Thunderbird
 OpenOffice Another free Office alternative
The largest repository of Free and open Source software in the world with over 20 TB of programs available so far here on the 18 July 2014.
VLC is a great video player

Applications for IT geeks Less user-friendly software. Above average IT knowledge required
Web log analysis software
  Apache Rock solid Webserver.
  CPAN The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
Open source development platform
  Exim Mail Transport Agent
Great desktop environment
  Mozilla Mozilla is the home of Firefox and Thunderbird
  MySQL MySQL is a free Database
The free Office alternative
Opera is a browser
  PHP Tools for website developpers
  ProFTP Secure FTP server
File sharing made simple.
The largest repository of Free and open Source software in the world with over 20 Tb available so far here on the 18 July 2014.
Website log analysis software
  Ubuntu CD's
Ubuntu DVD's
Ubuntu Ultimate edition
The world famous Ubuntu Linux is the Linux of choice at the university. Several sets are available, CD's, DVD's or the Ultimate Ubuntu edition.

Mathematical software Alternatives to SPSS
  Cran Cran is a freely available language and environment for statistical computing and graphics which provides a wide variety of statistical and graphical techniques: linear and nonlinear modelling, statistical tests, time series analysis, classification, clustering, etc. Please consult the R project homepage for further information. reat mathematical / statistical application software.
A free alternative to SPSS.
Sage is a free open-source mathematics software system licensed under the GPL. It combines the power of many existing open-source packages into a common Python-based interface.

- Linux and Unix-based Operating Systems:

Full listing of world class OS The name says it all
 Archlinux Linux OS
 Centos Linux OS
 Crux ; CruxPPC Linux OS ; CruxPPC installs on PowerPC-based machines.
 Debian Linux OS
 Debian-CDs Linux OS CDs
  FreeBSD BSD Unix OS, Namibia's Tim Priebe's favourite
 Fedora Linux OS
 Gentoo Linux OS
 Gnupg ; Gnu
Unix OS
 Linux Mint Linux OS
 Mageia Linux OS
 MX Linux Linux OS
 MX Linux ISO Linux OS
 Redhat Linux OS
 OpenBSD BSD Unix
 OpenSUSE Linux OS
 Sabayon Linux OS
Linux OS
  Ubuntu ; Ubuntu CD images ; Ubuntu Releases Linux Operating System with strong African links that is taking the world by storm. Very popular, highly recommended. A must have for all IT students & academics. Thousands of free applications can be downloaded from another part of this site. To do so, during installation, specifiy Namibian time zone & Namibia as source for updates.
  Ultimate Ubuntu
The name says it all. Based on Ubuntu, loaded with plenty of extra goodies. Also specify Namibian time zone & Namibia during installation as a source for updates.

- Websites of interest - Mirrors of great websites.

 Gutenberg project
A free repository of thousands of books.   
 MIT OpenCourseware Free courses from the Massachussets Institute of Technology 
 Sourceforge The largest repository of Free and open Source software in the world with over 20 TB of programs on the 18 July 2014.
 CPAN Another large repository of Free and open Source software. 
 Grass Geographical Information Systems software

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